Charlotta Falkman is the Lawyer of the Year 2021!

We are happy to announce that Charlotta has been awarded the Swedish Bar Association’s award of 2021 for outstanding achievements within the legal profession. “I knew that I had made achievements, but not that they are considered outstanding. It is an honour to have been given this award, I am very proud” says Charlotta. The reasons for giving Charlotta the award are quoted below.

“This year’s laureate is given the award due to her outstanding achievements within the legal profession by combining professional skills as a lawyer with a great commitment to and knowledge of the ethical standards of the legal profession. The lawyer of the year has served as member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association for many years, and she has served as the chairperson of the working committee for revision of the disciplinary fines. In doing so, she has contributed to the maintaining of an ethical and proficient legal profession. Through her work as arbitrator and chairperson of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, the lawyer of the year has also contributed to improving the equality in arbitrations.”